Over the three years Annie worked for THATMuse, she always struck the exact right tone per project. From tedious, formal & very detail-oriented letter writing campaigns (for which she never failed to write with a lovely, upbeat tone) to sassy & fun blog posts; Annie’s crème de la crème for us was to write a fantastic Harry Potter street treasure hunt for which families are clamouring. She hit the nail on the head with the tricky task of keeping parents (whose Harry Potter enthusiasm may not be as fierce) interested with Paris history as well as keeping the challenges cryptic enough for the kids. She is a fantastic writer and I look forward to one day reading a book by her!

Daisy de Plume

I hired Annie Caley Renn to help my company with social media. Besides writing engaging, pithy text, she saved me immensely on time by scheduling tweets and FB posts on hootsuite, as well as cross referencing hashtags I would have never had a clue about with other back-office free software like IFTTT that she knew about. Annie’s not only a pleasure to work with, but clever at marketing and a brilliant wordsmith!

Charlotte Ho

Annie offered editorial support for my application for a Masters course.  She helped to get the right ‘tone’ for the writing and her  useful edits, suggestions and amendments really improved my application and I have now been offered a place on the course.  Thank you!

Claire Taylor