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I want to make you look good.

It’s an exciting time for the travel and tourism industry.

The global travel industry has seen an unprecedented boom in the last ten years, and is now valued at $1.6 trillion. More and more people have the budget to travel, so the target market for travel companies is growing every day. You know this already.

You also know that the rise of travel tech, increasing demand for personalisation and the growth in popularity of the “digital nomad” lifestyle mean that the travel industry is changing. Fast.

Plus, more people are choosing to shop around and book their transport, accomodation and experiences online than ever before. 

More than ever, you need to stand out. I can help.

Here are a few of the hats I could wear for you:
Blog Writer icon

Blog Writer

In this online world, your blog is one of the most important marketing tools you have. My experience in the tourism industry has given me a strong understanding of how your clients talk, what their concerns are, and what they want. If you feel like your blog could use a bit more zip, I can help.

Copywriter icon


No matter how beautiful your website, if your copy doesn't shine, visitors won't hang around. I've spent many hours trawling needlessly difficult websites. I've also been on your end, answering questions from baffled visitors. You need a website that works. Let me help you to cut through the noise.

Ebook Writer icon

Ebook Writer

Got great blog posts or a great newsletter, but wondering how to get people to read them? Want to increase leads and signups while showing potential clients your market-leading expertise? Ebooks are enormously valuable marketing tools - and I'd love to write one for you.

Social Media Writer

Social Media Writer

Ten years ago, Instagram was struggling to its feet, Twitter was just three years old, and Myspace was the second-most popular platform in America. The Instagram generation are growing up, and they have money to spend on travel. Let's harness this hugely powerful marketing tool together.

Have something else in mind?

I’ve written email marketing campaigns, newsletters, social media posts, treasure hunts (no, really!) and plenty more. Whatever your digital marketing needs, I’d love to hear about them.

When I’m not writing

Like all good writers, I’m also a reader. My happy place involves a large armchair, a roaring fire, and a good book. Or maybe a warm beach, a cold cocktail, and a good book. It doesn’t really matter. Frankly, even a mediocre book will do.

I do occasionally tear myself away from my bookshelf, in which case you may find me performing kitchen experiments, annoying my husband by taking too many photographs, or rambling in the countryside (all with a good book close at hand, of course. Just in case).


Head Shot: Annie Caley-Renn, Freelance Travel & Tourism Writer & Digital Marketing Strategist
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