I want to make you look good. 

My job is fairly simple. I use words to help my clients look good to their clients. Perhaps you have a blog you’ve been neglecting, or need a press kit to get the word out about your company. Maybe your web copy could do with a little more zip. You may know full well that you need a newsletter to get new clients and keep old ones happy, but just not have the time. 

You’re busy, I get it. Let me take the load off. 

What I write

Mostly, I write blog posts, articles, web pages and newsletters. Have something else in mind? I’ve also written press releases, case studies, press kits, email marketing campaigns, social media posts, treasure hunts (no, really!) and plenty more. Whatever your content marketing needs, I’d love to hear about them. 

Who I write for

I primarily work with small to mid-sized businesses and organisations in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries, with a focus on arts and culture. I write from my home in Yorkshire, but in this connected world, it doesn’t much matter where you are!

When I’m not writing

Like all good writers, I’m also a reader. My happy place involves a large armchair, a roaring fire, and a good book. Or maybe a warm beach, a cold cocktail, and a good book. It doesn’t really matter. Frankly, even a mediocre book will do.

I do occasionally tear myself away from my bookshelf, in which case you may find me performing kitchen experiments, annoying my husband by taking too many photographs, or rambling in the countryside (all with a good book close at hand, of course. Just in case).

Head Shot: Annie Caley-Renn, Freelance Travel & Tourism Writer & Digital Marketing Strategist
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